Friday, 27 January 2012

Holocaust Memorial Day


The LRC marks this 67th anniversary with a display of information, books and DVDs available to students and staff.

The theme for this year which is set by the Holocaust Memorial Day trust is: to ‘Speak Up, Speak Out’.

The HMD Trust asks us as individuals to do this against the types of discrimination and prejudice that lie at the root of genocides.

TRC student s and staff are also invited to sign a ‘pledge book’ - available in college. Those putting their name to the statement will pledge themselves to: ‘speak up and speak out against those whose words or actions embody the belief that other people’s race, religion, disability or sexuality makes their lives and experience worth less than our own’. By signing the statement they are accepting a shared responsibility to fight the evils of genocide, racism and intolerance of others.

The History Department have organised two events in connection with the commemorative day.
Wednesday 29 February 2010
11am Lecture Theatre - a talk by the Holocaust Education Trust
1.35pm Drama Studio – a talk by Iby Knill, a survivor of Auschwitz

Iby Knill’s autobiography “The Woman Without A Number” is a book available from the LRC display. This is an inspirational story of Holocaust survival and was featured on the BBC Television series ‘My Story’Holocaust Memorial Day commemorates the liberation of the Auschwitz-Birkenau death camp and subsequent genocides.

Monday, 9 January 2012

Importance of Reading

A recent article in the Guardian highlighted the importance of reading and how many young people aren't reading enough!  Scientists have discovered that reading stimulates the brain to make us more empathetic and generally more interesting people. 

Reading by Rachel Sian
But the great thing about today is there are so many different ways you can read a book and they are not confined to just the paperback.  There are numerous e-readers on the market now that allow you to carry around thousands of books in one compact device.   Many smartphones also offer e-book applications to allow you to read a book direct from your phone - meaning you need never be without a book again!

Fahrenheit 451 e-book on the Kindle by unten44
If you still prefer the physical book, there are lots of options open to you.  The LRC has numerous fiction books you can borrow - and if you can't find what you're looking for, let us know, as we are always looking to improve our fiction collection.  If you're not sure what kind of book you might like, have a chat with one of the Learning Resource Centre staff on the lower level as they will be happy to help you make your choice. 

The great thing about borrowing books from the LRC is that it doesn't cost you anything (which is always a bonus on a student budget!).  The same goes for any public library.  Rotherham Public Library has a vast collection of fiction books that are suited to all ages, it's free to join the library and free to borrow books.

So if you're not usually a reader - why not make it a New Year's Resolution to give it a go and lose yourself in a good book!  Happy Reading!

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year! by LexnGer
The LRC team would just like to wish everyone a Happy New Year and hope that 2012 is a good one for you all!  We would also like to welcome you back to College after the festive season and hope that you are fully recharged to get stuck into your studies once again.

There are numerous exams running throughout January and we wish you the best of luck with those.  Remember if you need to buy any stationery for your exams like pens, pencils, rulers, notepads, these can all be purchased from the LRC.

Stationery by xcode
Our normal opening hours have also resumed to offer you a place to study and revise, so we will be open from 8.15am every morning with a late closing at 5.15pm on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays (4.30pm on Wednesdays and 3.00pm on Fridays).