Thursday, 26 September 2013

Book Club & More Words

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The next Book Club will be on Friday 11th October at 1pm - we are starting off with a lighter read and will be discussing Wind in the Willows.  New student members are more than welcome - just pick up a copy of the book from the LRC and get reading.

And an update on the words of the day for this week:-
Tuesday: Tangible
Wednesday: Injudicious
Thursday: Vexed

Monday, 23 September 2013

Word of the Day Story Competition

Literacy Week is coming soon (7th – 11th October) with an abundance of exciting literacy related events and competitions.

To kick start this event, the first student competition will start today with a Word of the Day Story Competition.

Each day on the run up to Literacy Week a new word will be posted around College and on Moodle – once you have collected all 10 words it’s time to get creative and we are looking for the best short story (500 words) incorporating all the words.

Stories should be submitted by e-mail to Emma Hadfield by Friday 11th October.

There will be a prize of £25 awarded for the best story! 

This can also be a great addition to your CV, particularly if you are thinking of pursuing a creative writing/journalism type career!

And today's word is Mendacious (lying, untruthful)


Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Welcome to TRC Fair

Look out for us today in the Courtyard as part of the Welcome to TRC Fair.  We will be advertising the first book club of the academic year, a volunteering opportunity in the LRC along with a competition to win a selection of fiction books.  Please make sure to visit our stall!

We also apologise for the current disruption to the lower level of the LRC as we conduct inductions for all the new students.  You can still get to the books and there are plenty of study tables on the upper level and if you need any help just ask a member of staff.

Monday, 9 September 2013

Hello and Welcome Back

Here we are at the start of a brand new academic year.  It's great to see so many new faces in the LRC as well as many returners.  We hope everyone has had an amazing summer and we are all feeling revitalised and ready to study! 

The shelves have been filled with many new titles over the summer and there are a number of new magazine subscriptions too for you to enjoy.

It's going to be a busy fortnight as we conduct a number of subject related inductions followed by all the new student inductions so there will be some slight disruption to the lower level in order to accommodate this.

Look out for us at the Welcome to TRC Fair next week where you can pick up details about the forthcoming Book Club and enter into a competition to win some new reads.

If you need any help in using the LRC or want further information about what we have on offer, please check out the display in the entrance to the LRC or just ask a member of staff!