Wednesday, 8 September 2010


Hello and Welcome to the new LRC Blog where you will find lots of useful information and news about the Learning Resources Centre at Thomas Rotherham College.  We hope you enjoy reading our posts and please feel free to leave any comments or feedback.
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And a huge welcome to all the new and returning students as we start a new academic year.

To get you back into your studies we have purchased loads of new books over the summer (many of which are featured on our blog) so make sure to check them out.
The Library by Here's Kate
We have also made some exciting improvements to the Learning Resource Centre......

- We have bought some shiny new laptops that students can borrow to use within the LRC.  So, if you can't find a computer in the LRC, please ask to borrow a laptop.

- We have purchased some new digital cameras that can be loaned for a two day period.

- We have created another fiction corner with some comfy seating and split the collection over the two areas.

- We have a new DVD section which includes many modern languages DVDs.

- We have moved the Career's library to the other side of the LRC.  We have a dedicated career's librarian who can help students use these resources.

- We have created a private group study area on the upper level of the LRC.

And this is just a brief overview of some of the improvements made.  For further information please speak to a member of the LRC team.

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