Monday, 9 May 2011

Don't be a Distraction

Keep Talking by alternakive
The LRC offers a social learning environment, one where you can relax, study, revise and text to your heart’s content. However, the disruption caused by students talking on their mobile phones is often a significant one. Why is this such a big deal? Well, recent scientific research has proven that hearing half of a conversation, as you're forced to do when people are talking on their mobile phones, is more distracting to the human brain than hearing a complete conversation. The human brain likes things to be predictable, and it can't relax if it is surrounded by half conversations, that don’t make sense. Therefore talking on your mobile phone significantly reduces the concentration levels of those around you and their ability to carry out their studies.

As we head into revision/exam season, please have respect for your fellow students and help us to maintain a positive learning space, put your mobile phone onto silent when in the LRC and please don’t make or take calls!!

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