Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Happy World Book Night

Happy World Book Night to all staff and students at Thomas Rotherham College. 

The 23rd April is certainly a day to be inspired to read.  It not only marks the birth and death of Shakespeare, along with being St George's Day - but it is also World Book Night - the ultimate celebration of reading!!

Here in the LRC we will be holding a literary event that we hope will generate excitement and enthusiasm for both reading and writing and encourage students to try something new.  We are extremely lucky to have secured three local authors to come and talk about their experiences of writing and their love of literature including Jack KnightKeith Souter and Kirsty Fisher.

If you haven't secured your place at this thought provoking event, there's still time, just call into the LRC today for more details.

Whether you are an avid reader, a reluctant reader or somewhere in the middle - today is the perfect time to share your love of books or to take the plunge and turn the pages of a something new.  Books are amazing, they can transport you to another time and place and surround you with magical and wonderous things - reading really does matter - so spread the word!

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