Monday, 6 October 2014

Monday 6th October: Word of the Day & Other Literacy Week Events

LITERACY WEEK IS HERE!!!!!!!  There are lots of events and competitions taking place this week so look out for them around College.

Today's Word of the Day is.........

(having the same meaning as another word or phrase in the same language)

To be in with a chance to win £25 - enter the Word of the Day Story Competition by writing a 500 word story containing all 10 words that will be posted around College between 29th September to 10th October and submit your story by the 15th October.  Good luck!
Other Literacy Week events taking place today include:-
 -       Maths Crossword Competition Launch 
crosswords available from the Maths department and the LRC – deadline 10th October – Prize £10
-       Poetry Competition Launch
details available from the English department.
-       Dingbats Competition
dingbats available during lunchtime in the Courtyard and LRC – deadline TODAY – prize £10
-       Daily Anagram Competition
anagrams available in the LRC and Courtyard – deadline TODAY – prize £5

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