Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Literacy Week in Full Swing

Literacy Week has kicked off at last with lots of events and competitions taking place across College. 

If you haven't been a part of the Dingbats competition that ran during lunchtime yesterday and today - don't worry, there will be one final chance on Friday - so look out for the entry sheets that will be distributed around the LRC and Courtyard - there are cash prizes to be won!

There's still time to pick up an Anagram competition entry form and try and unscramble the staff names at TRC - entries must be submitted by Friday.

I hope you have all started making some progress with your Word of the Day story competitions - again entries to be submitted by Friday and I look forward to reading them all!

So what's still to come.....

There will be your chance to play Countdown tomorrow during lunchtime - with a cash prize for the winner.

Then Thursday we have Victoria Howard coming in to give a talk to all you budding young writers about the process of writing and getting published. 

Thursday will also see a debate in the LRC about whether 'this house believes that the English Language ain’t wot it used 2 b’.

And don't forget to join in the game of scrabble each day outside the LRC as well as bringing your unwanted books along to the book swap - you can swap any book in good condition for another - absolutely free! 

It is proving to be an exciting literacy filled week and we hope you are enjoying all the activities. 

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