Friday, 4 October 2013

Word of the Day: The Final List

We hope students at TRC have enjoyed the words of the day posted around college for the past two weeks.

Today is the final word, so now it’s time to get writing………..

In case you missed any, the full ten words are:-

Mendacious (lying, untruthful)

Tangible (can be touched or felt, is real)

Injudicious (unwise, show poor judgement)

Vexed (to be irritated, annoyed, aggrieved about something or someone)

Sagacious (wise, highly intelligent, mentally gifted, shrewd)

Procrastination (to keep on delaying, put off an action)

Pugnacious (up for a fight, troublesome, quarrelsome)

Ratify (confirm, agree)

Antiquated (out of date, old fashioned)

Euphoric (feeling of well-being, excitement)

This competition is open to all TRC students.  To enter, write a short story (500 words) incorporating all 10 words of the day.

Entries to be submitted by 11th October to Emma Hadfield.

£25 Prize.

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