Friday, 7 October 2016

Literacy Week - Friday's Events

It's the final day of Literacy Week and we hope you have all enjoyed the events and competitions - and hope that some of you have been lucky winners!

Today's final two words are......


You should now have all ten words (look back on previous blog posts if you missed any!).  All you have to do now is write a 500 word story containing all ten words.  Send your stories to Emma Hadfield by Friday 14th October - and the best story will receive £25!

But that's not all....we still have a couple of other exciting events for you today....

Countdown in the Drama Studio at Lunchtime - all welcome - prize for the winner of £20
Definitions Competition - pick up your entry form from the LRC to be in with a chance
to win £10.

Thanks to everyone who has got involved with Literacy Week!  See you all again next year!!

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