Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Win £25

There's still chance to be in with a chance to win £25, all you have to do is write a 500 word short story containing all the ten words of the day from Literacy Week and e-mail it to Emma Hadfield by this Friday (14th October).  The winner will be announced before half term.

As a reminder, here are the words………..
Xenophobia:          Dislike, distrust of foreigners
Majoritarianism:    The principle that the will of the majority should always be accepted
Egalitarian:             Someone who believes in the principle that mankind is equal
Dissemble:              The act of disguising real intentions or viewpoints
Forbearance:          To abstain or refrain from, not use or mention, put up with
Deference:              Compliance with someone who is perceived as superior
Repudiate:              Disown, reject, refuse, deny
Libellously:             To publish something false in a public manner with malicious intent
Demography:         The study of population
Despot:                   Absolute ruler, tyrant, oppressor, dictator

I look forward to reading your stories and good luck!

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